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3 in 1 Microdermabrasion Facial

What is the Aqua 3 Microdermabrasion Facial?

KLNIK welcomes the 3 in 1 facial, AQUA3 from Baldan! The first place in the North West to offer such advanced facial technology.

Hydrodermabrasion provides you with a facial service that can cleanse, moisturise and rejuvenate all in one session. KLNIK chose Aqua3 as it combines the extraordinary cleaning properties of water-based peeling, containing sequential acids with microdermabrasion and the transdermal delivery of world-class cosmetic ingredients.

Aqua 3 facial removes impurities from the surface of the skin, such as dead skin cells, black heads and whiteheads. Due to the quality of the Hyaluronic acid serum used and molecular weight, the skin is left deeply hydrated after a glowing facial.

Additional serums during the facial oxygenate the cells and encourage restructuring to provide even more vitality!

Introduction into Aqua3 facials

As we age the superficial stratum corneum gets thicker, preventing the pentration of key ingredients that we use on our skin. It also removes the softness and youthful glow that we all strive for. Aqua3 from Baldan's approach is a 3 in 1 facial to restore your glow and allow for maximum absorption. The multiple heads allows for the best possible step by step approach to obatin the best results for renewd skin.

Infuser Aspirating Handpiece

The water-based peel containing sequential acids allows the therapist to deep cleanse your face and obtain a long-lasting moisturising effect. Cleansing and toning alone is not enough to penetrate the outer most layer of the skin – the stratum corneum, water peeling helps to break this barrier.

Diamond Grain Handpiece

The properties of diamond grains allow exfoliating and renovating any type of skin. This includes thickened skins, skins with deep wrinkles, male beards, acne scars or stretch marks.

Mesoporation Handpiece

Through the transdermal delivery of active substances, this handpiece makes any treatment extremely effective. It allows the restructuring of your skin from within, to give you a fresh, bright glow. Pumping various bespoke serums such as hyaluronic acid serum contain oxygenating properties far deeper than a traditional facial would achieve.

Why choose Aqua3?

The facial includes the following steps:

Mandelic acid wash which gently removes dead skin from the surface

Salicylic acid wash that dissolves skin debris that clogs pores and causes spots and acne

Chemical Peel unique to your skin condition or area of concern such as anti-aging, sensitive or acne prone skin

Mesotherapy channels serum infused using gentle electrical impulses

Diamond dermabrasion that smooths fine wrinkles and further exfoliates

Hylauronic acid is pumped in to the skin to hydrate

Oxygen cloud mask which oxygenates the skin, smoothing wrinkles and restoring a youthful and glowing appearance.

Vitamin therapy tailored to the individuals skin concern. These will continue to penetrate for several days following the microdermabrasion facial

Optional Dermalux LED TRIWAVE to boost energy within the cells, leaving your skin feeling energised and ready to produce collagen

What are the benefits of Aqua3?

Aqua 3 facial has a number of benefits. These include:

-Cleans the face deeply

-Removes dead skin cells

-Balances sebum production

-Deep moisturising benefits

-Restructures tissue and improves the lymphatic system

-9 treatment heads for varying abrasive power to suit all skin types

-Includes mandelic acid, salicylic acid, hylauronic acid active oxygen face mask

- Mesoporation hand piece insures better absorption of serums and vitamins

Aqua 3 Facial, hydrating, Manchester, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Wilmslow, UK, London, Specialist, World renowned, Microdermabrasion, Cleaning properties, Moisturising, Dead Skin Removal, Mesoporation, Mandolin Acid, Salicylic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Active Oxygen, Skin Care, Acne, Clear skin.

Aqua 3 facial

Procedure time

45 min

Results timeframe


Back to work (est)


Starting from


Procedure time

45 min

Results timeframe


Back to work (est)


Starting from


Aqua 3 facial

Before and After

DR, Rosh

“Aqua 3 facial is an ultra-effective system for regenerating the skin. Providing the ultimate rejuvenation leaving your skin hydrated, brighter and healthier”

Dr. Rosh

Why Choose Us

A lifetime professional vision of Dr Rosh, KLNIK is a tranquil escape in rural Cheshire that encourages beauty from within and provides a holistic approach to the world of aesthetics and wellness.

Launched in summer 2018, KLNIK has a truly unique perspective on aesthetics. We combine treatments in beauty, aesthetics, and psychology, delivered by highly trained professionals, using the most advanced devices and products available. KLNIK is an institution that truly pioneers and leads the industry with world firsts, our unparalleled combination of therapies and psychological wellbeing set within a beautiful and exclusive site in Cheshire puts us at the forefront of delivering world class aesthetic treatment.

A medically led facility, our clinic is patient focused, with the client’s journey, safety, and support at the heart of our clinical structure. Led by our CEO & Medical Director, the world-renowned Dr Rosh, our team strives to provide an optimum journey from beginning to end. The KLNIK structure is holistic, with dedicated arms including Wellness, Clinical department, Practice Manager, Commercial Director, Sales & Marketing plus Research and Trials.


Aesthetic Awards


'I knew the moment I walked into the clinic that I was in safe hands. The team were welcoming and a great warmth followed by meeting Dr Rosh the great man himself! I felt so calm and therapeutic getting my natural enchantments No pain. Just amazing results. My favourite doctor. My favourite place!'



'The thing I love about Dr Rosh is as soon as you step in the room he inspects you for a good 5 minutes. I don't know what vision he has, but he just sees little minor tweaks that make all the difference!'



'When I first came to klnik I knew I was in safe hands. I love Dr Rosh's work and appreciate his honesty & attention to detail. I had some subtle enhancements and I'm really pleased with my natural results. I have also been having facials at Klnik and noticed a huge improvement in my skin!'

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Deep water based cleansing to empty the pores, followed my diamond grain microdermabrasion cleaning and clearing of the skin from debris and mesoporation to enhance the absorption of bespoke serums.

  • No, Aqua3 is a longer facial including more steps, most notably microdermabrasion- this helps to polish the skin and remove dead skin cells as well as adding a microcurrent to help with lifting and toning as well as deeper penetration of the products.

  • Prices start from £150 per facial, discounts are available on packages

  • One a month for 6 months is the optimum to see a longer term glow! But some clients like to have them ongoing or as a one off if they combine with other treatments. For those with stronger skin concerns 2 a month is more appropriate.

  • All clients are suitable as it is bespoke to each condition and skin type, please book a free consultation for guidance.

  • Yes! Radio Frequency can be done on the same day, prior to the AQUA3. You can combine with most treatments, AQUA3 is great along side skin tightening radio frequency, laser or IPL. It allows the other treatments to penetrate deeper in to the skin and is the best option to create a glow on the skins surface, unachievable with deeper treatments. We recommend a 2 week interval between this and other treatments.

  • Ideally before holiday you should leave a 2 week gap after treatment, this is because peels are used during the facial which can cause the skin to be more sensitive to sun light for around 2 weeks and sun cream will not be enough protection. After a holiday or sun bed etc 2 weeks should also be left as the skin has been subjected to more intense UV damage.

  • Yes, Dermalux LED is great post AQUA3 as it will support the healing process of the skin.

  • We advise SPF 50 following all our facials daily, but it is important to stick to this for at least 2 weeks after your microdermabrasion as the outer most layer of dead skin will have been removed, reducing your skin protection from the sun. We have many supporting products at Klnik from OBAGI and ZO that can be used to prolong the results of your Aqua3 facial.

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