Skin tightening for face and body

What is Radieese skin tightening?

Radiesse is dermal filler which contains calcium hydroxyapatite. This acts as a skin booster and so not only improves volume into the applied area but improves skin quality. As we age we loose a vast amount of collagen which causes the formation of lines and wrinkles this is due to the loss of skin laxity and strength. Radiesse therefore promotes collagen production which plumps and revitalises the area by integrating into your natural tissue creating a firm network of fibres. The effects of radiesse last around 15 months but this can be much longer or shorter depending on the person, at this point you should have a top up to maintain your results.  The filler can be applied in various areas to build definition and realign facial symmetry. These areas include:

- Cheeks

- Nasolabial folds

- Jaw

- Chin

- Temple

- Marionette lines

- Back of hands

What happens on the day of treatment?

- Following your consultation, a medical questionnaire will be filled out which will deem whether you are suitable for treatment. 

- A series of before pictures will to allow us to compare the outcome of your treatments to ensure we reach your desired result. 

- Your skin will then be cleansed and a numbing cream is applied to the area.

- Whether a needle or cannula is used will depend on what treatment you are having and also your own facial structure. Generally, for this treatment a needle will be used where by a few injection points will be introduced. The needle is placed to bone as this is the safest method to avoid any important veins. If the needle was to come into contact with a vessel a small bruise may form however pressure to the area immediately will reduce this formation.

- Following the procedure you may feel tender to touch and may possibly experience swelling and redness. This will subside over the following days however over the counter pain relief and arnica cream may be applied.

- We also ask that you refrain from any physical activity for 24 hours and avoid extreme heat, including hot tubs and saunas. It is also advised to avoid make up on the area for 24 hours as this could lead to an infection. 

- You will then receive a follow up phone call 2 weeks prior to treatment to ensure you are happy with the treatment.

What are the benefits of Radieese dermal filler?

- Has skin boosting properties

- Adds definition to the area

- Boost collagen production

- No down time

- Offers long lasting results

- Quick and easy treatments

- Affordable

- Non allergenic

Radieese skin tightening

Procedure time

20 min

Results timeframe

2 weeks

Back to work (est)


Starting from


Procedure time

20 min

Results timeframe

2 weeks

Back to work (est)


Starting from


Radieese skin tightening

Before and After

“Radiesse contains calcium hydroxyappetite which also aids with tightening the skin, whilst provding structure and contour dramatically reducing the signs of wrinkles and ageing”

Dr. Rosh

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A lifetime professional vision of Dr Rosh, KLNIK is a tranquil escape in rural Cheshire that encourages beauty from within and provides a holistic approach to the world of aesthetics and wellness.

Launched in summer 2018, KLNIK has a truly unique perspective on aesthetics. We combine treatments in beauty, aesthetics, and psychology, delivered by highly trained professionals, using the most advanced devices and products available. KLNIK is an institution that truly pioneers and leads the industry with world firsts, our unparalleled combination of therapies and psychological wellbeing set within a beautiful and exclusive site in Cheshire puts us at the forefront of delivering world class aesthetic treatment.

A medically led facility, our clinic is patient focused, with the client’s journey, safety, and support at the heart of our clinical structure. Led by our CEO & Medical Director, the world-renowned Dr Rosh, our team strives to provide an optimum journey from beginning to end. The KLNIK structure is holistic, with dedicated arms including Wellness, Clinical department, Practice Manager, Commercial Director, Sales & Marketing plus Research and Trials.



'I knew the moment I walked into the clinic that I was in safe hands. The team were welcoming and a great warmth followed by meeting Dr Rosh the great man himself! I felt so calm and therapeutic getting my natural enchantments No pain. Just amazing results. My favourite doctor. My favourite place!'


'The thing I love about Dr Rosh is as soon as you step in the room he inspects you for a good 5 minutes. I don't know what vision he has, but he just sees little minor tweaks that make all the difference!'


'When I first came to klnik I knew I was in safe hands. I love Dr Rosh's work and appreciate his honesty & attention to detail. I had some subtle enhancements and I'm really pleased with my natural results. I have also been having facials at Klnik and noticed a huge improvement in my skin!'

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Raddiesse is a dermal filler which consists of hyaluronic acid which is naturally occurring in the body. The thing that makes Raddiesse distinguishable from other dermal fillers is the involvement of calcium hydroxyapatite.

  • We advise to avoid wearing makeup on the area for 24 hours to reduce the chance of infection. Like other dermal filler procedures we also advise to avoid the gym for 24 hours and keep the skin clean.

  • An improvement will be seen almost instantly due to the increase in volume in the area. However the final results will be seen from 4-6 weeks.

  • Like all dermal filler the highest risk is bleeding and bruising. In the unlikely event this does occur apply ice to the area and this should subside in a week.

  • Radiesse skin tightening should have long lasting effects of up to 18 months post treatment.

  • Yes, radiesse skin tightening is a safe treatment and has had years of rigorous clinical studies to prove this.

  • It is unlikely that you would develop a allergy to raddieese due to the compounds naturally occurring already in our body.

  • Radieese skin tightening treatment should taken no longer than 30 minutes.

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